Library & Yoga|| Arobics


Delhi Public International School has a fully equipped A/C library with a reference section, a reading room and a seminar area. It is stocked with plenty of books in various categories and a number of periodicals and newspapers. The books have been classified according to the Dewey decimal classification. The unique feature of the library is the 'Open Access System' which enables students to access any book freely. The library is also equipped with a number of educational audio/video CDs/DVDs on curriculum based topics and general studies.

Library Department has initiated a unique certified reading program called “Bookboom” to encourage and inculcate the habit of reading. All students are enrolled and have to go through a rigorous program of reading specified by the department and have to appear for an evaluation to get different levels of reading certificate.It is also expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection by the seniors and faculty. Students are strictly instructed to communicate in English even in the bus.

Yoga & Arobics

Schooling is not only about learning their subjects for the students. This is also the time when they undergo their motor and cognitive development

They grow physically and gradually get accustomed to their changing physiology. They also pick up knowledge and explore new ways of learning them. During these developmental phases, yoga and aerobics can really work as positive catalysts to help with their motor and cognitive connection. The stretching and lengthening exercises can help the students to become aware of movement and improve their balance

Meditation and guided breathing can increase their attention span and concentration levels. Both the benefits will be mirrored in their classrooms and in their lives, which will lead to further development.